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There are a lot of over-leveraged (non-conforming) Jumbo loan holders, some of whom would like to keep their fine properties and others looking to do a short sale and get out of them altogether. The banks have a grave concern about the growing default rates of these loan holders.

If you help me locate these people, we can provide them with thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands in debt relief (without a short sale, loan mod., tax issues or any type of sale) and even recover substantial equity in their property, while you pickup a substantial commission for referring a client to us, as well as a commission on the sale of a property that is no longer underwater (for those clients still wishing to sell). Additionally, by helping these people, you would gain lifetime valuable clients that would turn to you for help in selling their home and/or buying another.

That’s the win/win I have to offer you.

We have an unlimited financial resources to fund our deals. You can discover a bit more about this unique opportunity by reading the Washington Post News article below…or, you may call our 24/7 Free Recorded Message and leave a message at:


According to Donald Trump’s right hand man, George Ross: “Mutual collaboration is the key to doing well in an economy like we currently have.”

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