We represent a private investment group that specializes in purchasing luxury residential loans at a discount right across the country.


Specifically we are looking for residential loans that meet the following criteria:

• Owner is upside down but desires to keep property

• Primary Residence only

• Non-Conforming Loans only Starting at $417,000 up to $5,000,000

• Owner not be in default and meets credit and income requirements


Overview of Program:

In today’s lending climate we are finding banks are willing to sell their higher end home loans that are upside down at a significant discount. Since we are able to purchase the loan at a discount, we are able to redo the loan with the you, the homeowner, at a much lower amount, saving you thousands.

For example,

Recently we bought a discounted loan on a house that had a mortgage for $1,200,000, but was only worth $1,000,000, yet we did a new loan with the owner for $800,000. So she went from an upside down jumbo loan of $1,200,000 down to a principal of $800,000. She was not only able to keep her house and save her credit, but she also lowered her overall debt by $400,000 and gained $200,000 in equity!

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